3.0 Post-Course - All Students

3.0.1 CPD (RTTPC001)

Welcome to the CPD self-certification module. This is where graduates of the Professional, Live or Practice Intensif course will submit their CPD Completion Statement to declare that they have fulfilled their requirements for Continuing Professional Development for the year.

Please refer to the document 'What counts as CPD' for more information about CPD including how many hours you are expected to complete and what activity counts as CPD.

Any certificates that you qualify for through your CPD will be issued upon receipt of your CPD Completion Statement.

Whilst CPD is not required for those who studied the Online or Online with Mentoring course, we strongly encourage a commitment to CPD for your own learning and development of your RTT practice.

We wish you continued success in your RTT journey.
  • CPD Completion Statement
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed